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This was my public talk last weekend, the building revolted

Is Hell really a place of torment. I gave this public talk in our congregation last weekend. The sound system gave out right when I got on stage, lights flickered, emergency lights came on and off with their transformer making a lot of noise and then all lights went out. It was pretty funny from my POV. I hope you like the talk.

November 10, 2017-Post spinal tap

Yesterday I had a spinal tap done to extract fluid from my spine to see why I have lesions on my brain stem. Prominent thought is muscular sclerosis. That would explain a lot of my seizures and paralysis. My hands shake so bad sometimes it is disabling.


Pain is pretty bad this morning, like have a migraine on your spine. I have to lie flat and that doesn't always help, in fact I am not sure there is a comfortable position to be in. Last night got about 3 hours sleep due to the discomfort and pain.


Will keep you all up to date on this line of thought, for now take  care!


November 5, 2017

Today I gave the public talk in our congregation on the truth about Hell. I was very nervous, a lot of people were looking forward to my first sunday talk in thirteen years, two of my children have never seen me give a public talk before.

Right before I got up on stage the sound system shorted out, yes! I had to speek loudly to the hundred plus in attendance. Then, the lights flickered and dimmed, the transformer for the emergency lights started to snap crackle and pop. I carried on loudly not skipping a beat.

Then, when I mentioned the scripture about fire and brimstone, all the lights went out, LOL! A flashlight was given to me, so by that light and I loudly continued. Lights came on in a few minutes later. I finished my talk with everyone amazed that I did that through all the buildings refusal to allow me to have a smooth talk.

I was laughing inside, thinking what in the world could happen next? I had a great time and everyone seemed to enjoy the discourse. A talk for the ages.

November 2, 2017

A host of doctors visits continue this week. my health challenges the best of them. ON Monday I get a spinal tap which I hear from friends is quite painful. Saturday I am attending a memorial of a friend of mine. his struggles were with cancer. we bonded through our sicknesses and he lost his struggle while I continue on. my illnesses will continue to cause a debilitating effect on me. My hope is that the doctors can slow it down.

So this is a challenging week for me. It was only a few short years ago I was healthy and enjoying a nice career. I am reminded even at this moment that my pain is only gone for a moment then resurfaces. The challenge is not letting others see it while I joke through it.

I am giving the public talk in our congregation this weekend, the theme is "the truth about Hell". An eye opener, and probably not what you would expect. Busy week to say the least.

I will get back to my art next week since this 2eek is half over at the moment and I have so much to do. My doctor has grounded me from driving as well do to my seizures, so my wife and teenage daughter are my designated drivers.

Thank you for stopping in and listening to me rant nor a moment.

You take care!


October 31, 2017 Fight Pits run through

New event, Fight Pits! Here I will explain the event and strategies.

October 30, 2017

My first posting.

I had another blog but it is having technical difficulties and am hoping this one will not.

I am struggling with my health, i have been told my brainstem is scarred and is inhibiting my brain from comunicating with my body thus all the turmoil I have been undergoing. Tests and more tests with a spinal tap next week to help evaluate the "Why" this has happened.

I have a bunch more stuff with five doctors appointments this week.

Please put up with my growing pains with this site. I will eventually add a market place so you can purchase my art. I also do custom work, price determined by project and time allowance.

My teenage daughter is learning how to drive, and I thought I was ready to teach her, but it scared the living daylights out of me! She is getting better and so am I.

My designs are influenced by two games i play, Vega Conflict and War Dragons. I recommend War Dragons since Vega is poorly managed and very frustrating for new players. To be honest, most of the players believe the game is dying.

War dragons page I set up helps you with tutorials and see my recorded live streams. You can see it is a visually impressive game and a lot of fun to play with friends. It is a group activity which makes it more fun.

I will leave this at this. I want to thank you for stopping by and please subscribe to my Youtube channel and this blog.

Michael Ruffino