About Me and My Illustrations

Welcome to my world!

That is a strange thing indeed, "My world". Many have wondered what makes me tick over my life. I have always enjoyed writing and art although my career was leadership in retail as I managed "Big Box" stores for a few companies in the thirty years I was doing it.

My health has taken a turn for the worse a couple years ago, multiple organs have failed in me causing internal damage and nearly losing my life on three seperate occasions. Once I was put on life support after I was coded in front of my wife and my three children. I am grateful for each day as I look at my family in wonderment and in awe over how fortunate I am as a man. My wife and I have been married for over thirty years and with three school aged children we have been blessed immensely.

I now struggle with a nuerological disorder causing me to have intermittent paralysis and siezures. This is frustrating since my hands shake. I took up graphic designs since a mouse is easier for me to control than a pencil.

Through my convelescence gave me time to learn a new skill and go back to writing. I hope you enjoy this site and I have a page for a personal blog. you can purchase goods too.

Again thank you for stopping by.


Michael Ruffino